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June 19, 2017

How about are you doing ?

As I was walking around the track I pondered what our choices do for us and those around us.

Many of us are pursuing stuff and those around us are doing likewise.

As a father I cringe at this because the pursuit of God would be better, wiser and would in the end give us a greater reward.

Wisdom comes from my Heavenly Father and if my heart is His, then those I have influence on will see it.

Everyone has someone watching them and will see both the good and bad. How we live means much to those looking to find God or to get closer to Him.

When we recognize this our habits change, our desires go away and our focus goes toward the things of God.

On this Father's Day I want my children and grandchildren to want God more than anything else.

More than comfort, convenience and good health. I want them to experience the living God, the Great I AM and the one who loves them and will give them much more than the other things they are pursuing.

My hope is to pass along lessons that teach them who God is, as best I can and to show them no matter what He is good 😊

May you on this Father's Day be the Person God wants you to be.

Paul said we are in a race and we are to run the race well, do your best and finish strong in The Lord

Blessings to you always


May 21, 2017

I will begin to place here on this blog things that not only relate to my book and books to come, but to also encourage you to pursue God each day and my hope it that this will encourage you.

Thank you for visiting my site and if you are wondering about what Yes, God Does Speak is about than here is the place to find out.

If you have an interest in speaking with me, writing me, having me speak somewhere or just to get a copy of my book then there are places to do this here as you browse www.johnlanger.net.

As I am finishing my second book that will be called Yes, God Does Miracle and will begin to share also how that process is coming along and when you can expect the book to be available to purchase.

My current book Yes, God Does Speak is available on Amazon for around $14.99, but if you use PayPal and purchase it from me it is only $12.99 and I will pay the shipping.

Blessings to you Always and books purchased from me all come with an encouragement, a bible verse and my autograph.