The editing process for my book (Yes, God Does Speak) is going along well and the publisher is also working on the cover of the book as they ready it for print.

It is still scheduled to be released in November, which is coming up soon. The publisheer and I have been going over what needs to be done next and what my part in all this is.


There are currently 6 Pastors who have given me endorsemnets, with 2 more who are working on their endorsment that will also be included in the book.

Yesterday I began writing my second book and already have 2 chapters done, but I am sure I will rewrite them several times before finishing them haha.

My first book is about how God speaks to us.
The second book is on miracles and will likely be out by the end of next year. We will see.

I am deeply humbled by these turn of events. I would not have thought this possible and at times didn't, yet God has helped me with this task and it is with great joy that this is even possible for a grocer from Gettysburg SD to accomplish.

Thank you all for your support and as the time of arrival comes closer I will be asking you to promote this, so that others will hear about The God who loves them and wants a personal relationship with them that includes hearing from Him.

John Langer